Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Madonna Decena

I am joining the bandwagon of blogging or commenting on this amazing Pinay! My brother sent me this youtube link and I was curious what it was all about. Yes! She is indeed great! Even without her story. Many are skeptical that maybe she is using her story to get votes. Well, as I have said, even without her story, she can still be a winner. If not in this contest, hopefully in her career as a singer, and those in the music industry will notice her and give her the break she needs. I know that in the Philippines she is just one of the many who can really sing very well, excellently. Even I myself am amazed at how music is really in the heart and mind of the Pinoys, and there is real talent - in singing, playing instruments, dancing, anything musical ... Of course, at different levels.


chubskulit said...

awwww the video isn't available anymore.. hanapin ko na lang sa youtube.. thanks for visiting my bahaykubo.. hoe to see u again..

love this blog coz frustraed mangaawit din ako hehehe

fonzee said...

too bad
the video was already removed
by the user

Carnation said...

aw, sorry about that