Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Don Moen Concert in Bangkok

Before the concert began
We went to Don Moen's concert in Impact Muang Thong Thani last 3 August. We had been looking forward to this event as this was the first time for us to attend a DM concert. It is also the first time he was performing here in Thailand. So we were there a couple of hours before the time. As it was rainy season and the road to the venue is always heavy with traffic, rain or shine, we gave ourselves a good head start so that we would not be late. We left the university which was just about 10 km away or so at around 530 pm. It took us a little more than an hour to get there due to the heavy traffic.

We had dinner at Subway restaurant before we proceeded to the concert hall. We had lots of time to spare. Many people also arrived early. Everyone seemed excited! We met a couple of friends who are from another church in Bangkok. There were a couple of radio stations there to promote their programs, and some other groups who were sponsors of the events to provide information to people.

There was also a group which came with some banners to protest about the concert.

Half hour before the scheduled start, we decided to go in just so we could sit. Outside in the waiting hall there were no seats and standing for a long time was so tiring.

Around 820pm they played the Royal Anthem and everybody stood up to pay their respects.

After around 20 minutes they started to present the safety measures and also the list of things that were prohibited to bring in or use during the performance. It was not allowed to use any recording device and even cameras. It was tempting though to take the camera out especially when we saw others taking photos while DM was singing. But I did not give in to temptation. We took photos only before and after the concert.

After about another 10 minutes, the musicians went to the stage to adjust their musical instruments. When Don Moen appeared on stage at around 850pm, the crowd was ready to welcome him. He greeted everybody in Thai. His "sawatdee khrap" was very clear.

And the praise and worship began...

Here is the list of the songs he/we sang that night in worship to our living God:

    After the concert
    After the concert

    Saturday, July 24, 2010

    Charice P in Bangkok

    I first learned that Charice Pempengco would be in Bangkok through the Siampinoy forum a few weeks ago. Since then I have kept myself updated of the news and even FB-liked Charice Thailand and checked out the Charice Mania website. I was not disappointed with the updates and pictures I received from these sites.

    Charice Pempengco was in Bangkok from 22-24 July 2010 to promote her album Charice and especially her hit single Pyramid. She guested at several radio stations and held interviews with many groups. She had a mini-concert at Siam Discovery on 23 July organized by Singh, entitled, Charice "Dreams Come True" Showcase @Siam Discovery.When I first heard about this event I decided right there and then that I should attend it. I have heard lots about her before through the internet especially You Tube, and also from my sisters.

    So there we were yesterday, Friday, arriving at Siam Discovery before 5 pm, the time they announced the concert would start. When we arrived many people were already there, stationed at the prime spots and it was difficult for us to find a place. We passed by first at the reception desk and bought her CD at 399 baht. We were told that the show would start at 6 pm. We then walked around to find an empty spot by one of the big posts so we can lean on it while waiting. We stayed on that spot as the placed filled up. By the time the show started we could not see anything except people's heads and cameras held up and the widescreen monitor.

    I was looking around to see whether there were people I recognized. I saw lots of young people, students still in their uniforms, teenagers, young professionals, adults, elderly. There were Pinoys among the Thais, as well as other nationalities. All were eager to get a glimpse of Charice and hear her sing.

    When Charice finally appeared, the cheering was so deafening and it was amazing to hear it! I could not clap my hands though coz I was holding my bag as well as my camera. With lots of people one had to be careful of one's belongings. I was not really able to see her close-up. I had to tiptoe just to get a glimpse of her on the stage. Most of the time I watched the widescreen monitor above the stage.

    It would have been nice to interact with her but the venue did not make it possible. Anyway, it was enough that I was able to hear her sing live, and to be there to show my support as a Filipino.

    She will be back in October to take part in another concert entitled David Foster and Friends. Hope to be able to join that again, and that the tickets will be affordable.


    Sunday, March 7, 2010

    they are disbanding

    APO Hiking Society's music has been part of our lives in the Philippines. This trio of creative musicians have brought inspiration, happiness, hope and humour to life, not only in the Philippines, but also abroad. For me, their music is one of the things I turn to whenever I felt homesick or lonely. Whenever it rains, I remember their song, Pumapatak na naman ang ulan. Whenever I remember my friends in school, I remember their song, Awit ng barkada. Humour in heartbreak? Listen to their Kaibigan song. And many more instances in which their songs can speak to us...It's because we grew up and experienced life listening to the Apo's songs.

    When I joined imeem and youtube, their songs were the first to be in my playlist, so I could listen to them whenever I wanted. Recently they announced that they were disbanding. Forty years of creating wonderful music together. Sad to hear that but they have their reasons. At least we still have their songs which we can listen to anytime, anywhere. Thank you, Danny, Jim & Boboy, for the good memories you gave us through your music. May you continue to touch the lives of people through the talents you have been given. The only regret I have is that I was not able to attend any of their concerts. I just did not have the opportunity. Glad to have the internet which gives updates of their activities.

    Monday, February 8, 2010