Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shayne Ward

When we were in the UK in 2005, we were able to watch the X-Factor TV series. The winner that time was Shayne Ward. He was very popular among the viewers and even now he continues to be popular. He has really gone a long way. Back here in Asia I am sometimes amazed to see how far this singer has gone. Radio stations play his songs; even when shopping in the malls we could hear him singing. Listening to his voice and his music transports me back to that time in the UK. I reminisce the times I was there with my husband, the (mind boggling/breaking?) work we had to do, the struggles with heavy clothing due to the cold weather, walking hand in hand to keep warm and to keep going ... and so many things. Music has that power to bring back memories. And it is good to go back sometimes to those oldies and be reminded of the things past, as long as they are good memories. As for sad ones, mostly love songs that are associated with past loves ... hmmm.

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